Effective invoicing for your private practice

Written By Annabel Veysey

Invoicing, Bookkeeping and Chasing.

Three words that can send chills through any busy Consultant’s bones whilst thinking about how long is spent on financial administration for your private practice. But it’s a vital part of the business and someone has to do it.

Covid-19 has made things harder for most when it comes to book-keeping and if you cannot rely on a professional to keep on top of it for you, this can put a strain on the most important part of your business – looking after your patients.

If you can relate to the above, you might like to talk to us here at MPM about the many ways our dedicated team of highly experienced Medical Secretaries can help to lighten the load.

Efficient Invoicing

This crucial task is critical to the growth of a successful private practice but on many occasions, monitoring and chasing can fall by the wayside as other tasks take priority.

This was the case with our client, Nimalan Arumainayagam, Consultant Urological Surgeon, who engaged us to look after his practice and look at his finances when he first came on board.

His MPM Medical PA immediately spotted unpaid invoices totalling a substantial amount.

With some empathetic and dedicated work, she recovered the debt. We have now streamlined his systems and look after all his invoicing procedures ensuring that this situation never arises again.

“She has done a great job with billing and chasing of old unpaid bills” says Nimalan.

The sum we recovered for our client more than covered our fee. Once we have tailored your package, the fee you pay is fixed, regardless of the sums involved. Transparency is key to the quality service we provide. The fixed monthly costs of a Medical PA – which as well as the day to day vigilant answering of your phones, email management and keeping clinics up to date, include invoicing and chasing – will always be covered by what you save. Add to this the peace of mind that comes with knowing that fees and bills are being paid, and you will see that an MPM medical PA can help you not just streamline, but grow your private practice.

Let Us Help

If you feel you could use the expertise of one of our Medical PAs, to work in partnership with you managing your day to day clinical or medicolegal practice (without the need for micromanaging), why not give us a call to discuss your needs. We will tailor a package to meet your requirements and match you with the right Medical PA. Our basic package starts at just £280 per month and contracts can be short or long term – you decide!

You can call us on 020 8088 3036 between 9 and 5pm.

We look forward to hearing from you.