Medical Practice Management FAQs for PAs.

What are the current rates of pay?

For roles under 25 hours a week, we currently pay £16 per hour for focused admin hours. Transcription is paid at 0.90 p per audio minute. If you are contracted to do billing in addition, you will be paid £16 per hour in addition to your focused admin hours but you must time track this additional service.

When will I be paid?

This will depend on whether your client is on a monthly contract or a 4-weekly contract. If your client is on a monthly contract you will be paid on the last day of the month. If you have clients on 4 weekly contracts, you will be emailed every month to let you know the date you will be paid as this will change.

Where do I send my invoice?

Your invoice needs to be sent to

When do I need to invoice?

For both monthly and 4 weekly contracts, you will be sent email reminders with deadlines for the submission of your invoices.

Who is the invoice addressed?

Your invoice should be addressed to the Head of Finance at MPM Ltd. The registered address is Medical Practice Management Ltd, Fourwinds House, Balderton, Chester CH4 9LF.

Why do I have to use your invoice template?

Because our Finance department only accepts this information in this format.

How do I invoice MPM for my services?

Please use the template provided and ensure your invoice is with finance by the date stated on the monthly email reminder to be paid on time.

How many hours should I work per week?

In the UK there is no specific limit on the hours that a contractor can work on a self-employed basis. You are always free to work for other clients and we do encourage this so that we are not your only source of income. Some roles are busier than others and you can talk these through with the team to see which fits best within your lifestyle.

How do I track my working hours?
Why do I need to track my hours?

It is important to track your time to ensure that the hours worked are the hours you are being paid for. We are sometimes asked for this evidence from our clients. It is also to ensure that if you are doing more hours than you are contracted to do with a specific client, we can evidence this in order for their package to be increased and for you to be paid for the additional hours. You also need to time track any transcription which is paid on a per audio-minute rate, to ensure you paid appropriately. It is important to emphasise that if you do not time track when requested to, you may not be paid for all the hours you have worked.

How do I bill MPM for overtime?

We will only pay overtime / extra hours if we can see it has been approved by you Doctor. You are provided with an overtime sheet every month which needs to be completed and returned to Finance.

Can I take holidays as a self-employed contractor?

Yes, you must let the MPM office know your start and end date and who you have arranged to cover for you within the team. We will pay you as usual, you must agree with your cover PA the figure you are happy to pay for cover. We suggest working out a day rate which can be advised by our Finance Department. It is important to note that as lead PA, you are responsible for paying your cover PA.

How do I calculate my holiday pay as a self-employed contractor?

As a self employed contractor, you are not entitled to holiday pay in the same way as an employee.

Do I need to provide notice for taking holidays?

Yes. You should give at least one month’s note to MPM regarding your annual leave arrangements. In light of working in the healthcare sector dealing with patients, it is extremely important to communicate your planned time off with MPM to avoid any misunderstandings or conflict. Please include the dates you will be unavailable and any arrangements you have made for covering your work during your absence by one of our other MPM PAs. Please note that you can only cover your MPM roles internally. Cover must come from within the company to ensure we are compliant with GDPR. You cannot engage the services of an MPM PA to cover any work you may undertake outside of MPM unless tasks can be undertaken outside of normal office hours. This is to ensure that your cover PA is not overwhelmed with additional work.

How do I handle sick leave as a self-employed contractor?

Please follow these steps to communicate to MPM regarding sick leave. Please ensure that either you or your next of kin inform MPM by 8 am on the first day of sickness, that you are unable to work. If you can estimate a return to work please do so that we can arrange appropriate cover. Take the time off you need to rest and recover. Plan ahead: Whilst you cannot predict when you will become ill or injured, it is imperative to have a plan in place in case this happens. This is why having an up-to-date handover document, for each of your MPM consultants, is so important. These documents should be sent to the Assistant Operations Manager at any time they are updated. Remember taking time off for illness or injury is a normal part of life, and as a self-employed contractor you need to take responsibility for managing your sick leave. By communicating with MPM; prioritising your health and planning ahead, you can manage sick leave effectively as a self-employed contractor.

Why do I need to be registered with the ICO

Yes. MPM requires you to have current ICO registration before undertaking any roles. You will be asked to provide a copy of your current certificate.

Do I need cyber insurance

We do recommend this. It can be added to your Private Indemnity cover so speak to your insurance provider.

Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance? And how often does it need to be renewed?

This protects you as a sole contractor in the unlikely event that a claim has to be made against you as a result of a formal complaint from one of your MPM consultants. It is your responsibility to renew this as per your provider’s terms and conditions (usually annually). You are unable to be offered a role until you have provided MPM with an up-to-date certificate.

How often should I check my MPM emails?

At least twice a week, we use it to send you reminders, updates, information, and quick tips. Often, they can be really important emails. If we have messages to the whole group, they will be sent there too.

What do I do if the consultant tries to alter the agreement they have with MPM, eg billing or adding new consultants to my hours?

Please contact the Assistant Operations Manager, via email, at your earliest possible opportunity so that we can address this with the specific consultant.

Can I work for others?

Yes, we always recommend you work for other clients alongside us.

What are the requirements when I am being interviewed by a consultant for a new role?

Interviews are booked based on your and the consultant’s availability.

  • Remember……… you are representing MPM.
  • Ensure you are using a laptop/desktop and NOT a mobile phone.
  • Ensure you have the MPM virtual background set up to use.
  • Ensure you are sat at a desk.
  • Ensure you are dressed professionally.
  • You are not at liberty to divulge the identification of any other clients you work for within MPM. You will be in breach of GDPR if you do so.