Six qualities of a great Medical PA

Written By Annabel Veysey

Getting the right Medical PA for you will make a significant difference to the success of your private practice.

Everybody is different, with individual strengths and skills, but as a rule, we think there are some non-negotiable qualities that make a fantastic Medical PA. 

Here are six of the most important ones.

They work in partnership with you

The best Medical PAs see themselves as your partner, bringing their unique expertise and experience to help you manage and grow your practice. They’ll understand their strengths and skills compared to yours and provide you with valuable insight and recommendations for how to run things efficiently and keep your patients happy. 

They’re highly organised

Of course, your Medical PA will need to be exceptionally organised. They’ll need to be good at multitasking, managing lots of different patients throughout the day. There are lots of tasks to get on with, paperwork to deal with, and with the phone ringing and emails pinging, they’ll need to be able to keep everything well organised and in good order. 

They’re empathetic

Your Medical PA will often be the person your patients talk to most, and the person they speak to first! A kind, empathetic PA will understand your patient’s situation, their health condition and their concerns. They’ll take time to thoroughly explain things and answer their questions to help satisfy and reassure them. 

They understand the value of new enquiries

Your PA should have a commercial mindset and understand how important and valuable new patient enquiries are. They’ll answer calls and respond to emails quickly, and they’ll spend time giving the potential new patient all the info they need to feel confident in booking an appointment. They’ll do their best to 

They’re proactive

Rather than wait to be told what to do, they’ll have the experience to be proactive, spotting things and dealing with them before you even know about them! They’ll always have plenty to do and will come to you with any issues quickly.  

They don’t need to be micromanaged

You’ll never need to micromanage a good PA. They know their job, and they’re great at it, leaving you to do what you do best – seeing and treating your patients. You’ll be able to trust them to get on with the job and manage their own time. 

Talk to us about getting the appropriate support for your private practice. 

We’re proud to say each and every one of the PAs at MPM possess these six qualities in abundance.

If you’re considering your admin support options at the moment, we’d love to hear from you and understand more about what you’re looking for from a great Medical PA. Please feel free to book a no-obligation call to find out more about the ad-hoc hourly as well as fixed monthly rolling packages we offer (all with no tie-ins).